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Frequently Asked Questions

∗What should I wear?

Light weight, loose comfortable fitting clothing is acceptable. One can wear yoga pants and top for all movement arts classes. All classes with be barefoot as well.

∗What do I bring?

Bring a yoga mat, towel, and water for the classes. If you do not have a yoga mat, we have mats at the studio available for you to use.

∗How do I prepare for class?

Avoid large meals at least two hours before practicing yoga or any movement arts class. You may eat fresh fruits, nuts, juice anything that digests easily and is light on the stomach.

∗Do I need to arrive early?

Yes, if it’s your first class with Serenity Now Yoga please arrive 15 minutes early to fill out necessary information. It is always a good idea for everyone to arrive a few minutes early to place your mat, settle down, and prepare for class time.

*What happens if I arrive late?

Please be courteous as a class is in session if you are entering late. No one will be allowed in late for a class after 20 minutes of the class starting.

∗What style of Yoga can I expect?

Hatha Yoga is the primary style at Serenity Now Yoga. The word Hatha is the union between "ha" (sun) and "tha" (moon), a metaphor for bringing the body and mind together. Hatha Yoga focuses primarily on the physical designed to strengthen, create agility, body alignment and proprioception (awareness of the body as it relates to the space around it). The practice also allows progression of balance, mental focus, self determination and concentration, but most of all it induces relaxation, stress relief and releasing the "happy hormones" called endorphins creating a sense of mental tranquillity, balance and realizing the peaceful energy inside us all. It is our uplifted spirit that gives us faith, confidence and poise to help us reveal our better sides at work at home and with all our surroundings. This is what one can expect from regular committed yoga practice.

∗What do I expect to do in my yoga class?

You will begin by either sitting down or lying down on yoga mat. The instructor will set the mood by centering the class on spinal alignment and breath awareness and inward focus to calm the mind and body before beginning the practice. Breath exercises called "pranayama" will be introduced and sequencing the breath with movement. The next 15 minutes will be a complete body warm-up thereby lubricating all joints in preparation for the rest of the practice. After these 15 minutes the body begins to become loose and agile allowing a transition into 3 rounds of Sun Salutations designed to create heat and release tension in the body. This follows with a series of standing poses called "Asanas" postures or poses designed to strengthen align and create agility to the body. This is where one works on the yoga body muscular lean agile muscles creating the healthy "Yoga Body" that westerners seek although ultimately the goal is: An agile body in balance with strength, sharp mental focus in alignment with an illuminated peaceful spirit. The practice continues with a balancing pose, backbends, forward bends, an inversion where legs are up reversing blood flow and lowering blood pressure. The practice continues with hip openers spinal twists and ends with what is called "Yoga Nidra" which consists of a full 15 minutes of winding down beginning with PMR: Progressive Muscle Relaxation moving from the feet slowly up to the head. Next we dive deeper into the energetic, body calming the mind by witnessing the body in a deeply relaxed state while the breath guides one into deeper relaxation all while keeping the mind alert as it is guided into visual imagery taking clients to a peaceful place like the forest, mountain, beach, or a beautiful nature scene. This clears the mind of any distractions guiding us to our true peaceful self it is our soul our core self that can weather any storm if the body is relaxed and the mind is calm. We teach people to seek within themselves the inward strength and have faith in our strong spirit building a stable and resilient character allowing us to manage our stress better. It is like teaching one to surf the waves of life's storms that come our way unexpectedly. This is why yoga truly provides stress relief better than any other form of practice or sport. The practice ends with an affirmation and one minute of silent meditation which gives clients options such as counting the breathes for a minute choosing a prayer of each individuals faith or denomination, a mantra which is a word or phrase repeated throughout the mediation it could be a positive affirmation such as "I am Strong I am Peaceful" or they may even choose a cherished person place or thing to focus on for one minute.

• What should I do when I arrive at the studio?

You will be asked to sign in for the class a sheet describing class time date and instructor teaching will be at the front reception desk. You will walk down a hallway to the studio. Please kindly remove the shoes prior to entering Yoga sanctuary. Please keep a low tone as people come to yoga for peace and quiet way from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Inside we will have cubes in which your belongings can be safely stored. Do not put phone on vibrate. "Silence is Golden" so turn all cell phones off. The music will be peaceful and serene setting the mood for yoga.

• What are the class fees?

Please go to the prices section to see the complete list of pricing. Or you can click on Class Schedules, where you can purchase classes and make your class reservations ahead of time.

• What happens to my classes if I don’t use them or they expire?

At Serenity Now Yoga, all payments are FINAL, non-transferable or non-refundable. Packages cannot be extended past the expiration date.

• How do I pay for my class?

You can use any credit card except American Express. We also accept cash and checks.

• How often should I practice?

We recommend that you start with Yoga twice a week but many fall in love with it and choose to purchase class packages to save money.

• What are the most important things for a beginner to remember during and after class?

Please refrain from asking questions during the class so as to not disrupt the flow of the class which in many cases is very planned and choreographed by the yoga teacher. You may ask questions before and after class in private with the teacher. Also to remember that Yoga is non-competitive and a judge free zone! Please try not to compare yourself to your neighbor or your instructor as to the level of extension or alignment in any yoga pose. It’s all about your own self development. Drink plenty of water following your class. Remember to find you "edge" but do not push beyond that to avoid injury. Honor the body and be mindful of any old injuries that may resurface if you push yourself too hard too fast.

• Finally have fun and live in the present moment, go with the flow, come with an open mind and a positive attitude. Mind over matter and remember you are what you think, and yes you are what you eat!