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Medical Yoga Therapy

What is Medical Yoga Therapy?

Definition: the integration of a traditional detailed History and Physical Exam, followed by an assessment and plan of action as to concise prescriptive custom designed therapeutic Yoga program for a patient’s particular medical, psychological, spiritual, and wellness needs.

The Rx may include traditional Yoga & Meditation as well as Eastern Energy Medicine implementation of Chakras Meridians and Reiki Energy Healing, Tapping Meridians in conjunction with Affirmations, and Holistic Dietary Changes altering ones Physical Mental Spiritual and maintenance needs to ultimately change the lifestyle and alter the path of existence towards a higher Awareness.

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What our clients are saying about Medical Yoga Therapy

I was in a near fatal motorcycle in December of 2006. I was in a comma and on life support for three weeks and in ICU for four weeks. I suffered compression of cervical joints C5, C6 and C7 and underwent decompression surgery. I suffered multiple rib fractures, fractured left clavicle, fractured left scapula, partial thickness tear of the left rotator cuff, multiple fractures to the thoracic section of my back and a fractured left pelvis bone.

At the time of the accident I was 53 years old and in good physical condition. Since that time I have experienced chronic severe pain in my back, shoulder and ribs. The chronic pain has been rehabilitating. I have been to 2 chiropractors, 2 pain management specialists, multiple physical therapy specialists, and multiple massage therapists and to Jewitt Orthopedic to a shoulder specialist. I received very little help that lasted more than a few hours from any of the specialists.

Out of complete frustration I searched for an alternative solution. I discovered Dr. Milescu’s website for Serenity Now Yoga. In December of 2011 I made an appointment with Dr. Milescu for private medical yoga therapy. I have been seeing her once a week since that time. No physical therapy has been as effective as the medical yoga therapy that Dr. Milescu performs. I am now able to go on with life without rehabilitating pain. I have also decreased my level of pain medication.

I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who has moderate to severe chronic pain and has not found an acceptable solution. It has worked for me. I have increased mobility decreased pain gained strength both physical mental and spiritual. The guided meditation completes the session, making it the highlight of my week. I am able to be more relaxed focused and productive throughout my work day.

Bernie Horne
EMCOR Mechanical Services